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With a client centered approach, Client Focused Financial is putting the service back in financial services. My goal is to build trust through consistent communication with comprehensive investment reviews, engaging monthly market review videos emailed each month, and quick responses to phone calls, texts, and emails.

Investment Management

Anyone can invest their money through passively managed strategies like index funds. Actively managed strategies help increase growth and reduce the downside of investment portfolios.

Retirement Plan Rollovers

IRAs give the investor unlimited investment options vs a typical employer-sponsored plan like a 401(k) or 403(b) plan which has often limited investment options and hidden fees.

Financial Planning

Everyone has life goals and often these goals take money. Planning for these life goals helps give clarity on how to reach and sustain these life goals by putting together a clear road map.

Client Focused Financial Planner

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Client Focused

Active Management

Activement management takes work and consistency. I believe this is part of how an advisor earns the fee they charge.

Wealth Planning

Having a financial plan will help give a clear road map and give clients comfort in stock market drops.

Customer Service

I make it easy for every client to get a hold of me because they each have my personal cell phone number.

Plan Your Financial Future

Discover the roadmap to financial wealth

Investment Services

Investing Towards Retirement

Retirement is typically the largest single event that most people invest toward. Properly implementing investment strategies and planning is the only way to ensure financial security for retirement.

Money Sitting in the Bank

Currently money at the bank earns little to no interest. Getting that money invested, whether it be conservatively or more aggressively is key to helping individuals make their hard earned money work for them.

Retirement Income Planning

Turning a life time of savings into a life time of income is an important part to any solid retirement plan. Client Focused Financial builds each income strategy specifically for a client's needs and goals.

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Client Focused Financial is RamseyTrusted

As a SmartVestor Pro, I will show you how to make the most of your investments and help you create a plan to reach your financial goals.

Talk With A SmartVestor Pro:

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The name Client Focused Financial is at the heart of the service philosophy. I built his business one client at a time with the goal to build trust through consistent communication with investment reviews, monthly market review videos, and quick responses to phone calls, texts, and emails.

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