LRC Commercial is a leading real estate investment company located in Farmington Hills, MI.

LRC Commercial is the brainchild of four seasoned investors who bring over 60 years of collective experience to the task of maximizing investor returns through aggressive negotiation and conservative underwriting.

The founders came together to offer the marketplace a hands-on approach, vertically-integrated in partnership with a national maintenance firm to create value across markets and state lines.

Our mission is to surpass investor expectations through a community-first approach that adds not only value to property, but value to peoples’ lives. Our approach to value-add real estate investment is based on:

  • Service to the community.
  • Integrity in our business dealings.
  • Social responsibility as a hallmark of good business.

We see landlords and tenants as partners in the creation of a livable, lovable community. We cherish our role as neighbors and responsible corporate citizens. The more people we help, the more good we do in the community, the stronger our brand grows, untapping unlimited wealth potential.

Meet Your New Partners

The team leaders you will be working with as an LRC partner include:

Director of Project Management
Chief Investment Officer
Acquisitions Director


Chad has been involved in the real estate space for the last 15 years both as an investor and on the financing end. Creating and managing acquisition and rehab teams has been the foundation of building his businesses in the Detroit Michigan area. The efforts of he and his team have found and funded north of 350 million dollars of real estate across the county. In 2018 Chad shifted his teams focus into the acquisition and management of commercial real estate, specifically multifamily assets. Their success has been predicated on being very specific with their buying criteria along with adhering to a strict standard regarding the rehabilitation and stabilization of each asset.

STUART WEIHLER, Director of Project Management

Stuart has been a successful real estate investor and wholesaler for the last 12 years with a primary focus on heavy lifts and structural modifications. Based out of the Chicago market Stuart and his team rehab and wholesale hundreds of homes and multifamily investments many times requiring extensive structural engineering. Utilizing Stuarts team and network of trades has served as a pillar of the success for all current and future projects of LRC. Being able to support projects in most any state has allowed LRC to confidently expand its footprint and become a true operator on a national platform.

ADEL FAKHOURI, Chief Investment Officer

Adel Fakhouri serves as both CIO and General Counsel for LRC Commercial. For over 15 years, Adel has represented clients in matters involving finance law, mergers and acquisitions, real estate acquisition and corporate governance. He is currently the Co Leader of Plunkett Cooney’s Transaction Law Practice Group, which is one of the Midwest’s oldest and largest law firms (ranked “Best in Law” in the nation by U.S. News and Best Lawyers). Prior to Plunkett Cooney, Adel practiced internationally in Kuwait and Dubai with DLA Piper LLP. In addition to his law experience, Adel also is a long time real estate investor and co owns FFH Property Management located in Southfield, Michigan

SPENCER SCHELP, Acquisitions Director