401k Rollover with LRC Commercial

After leaving a job many times rolling over the old 401k or retirement plan is the last thing on your mind but this can be a great opportunity to:

Work with an investment advisor to actively manage your money.



401k Rollover Client Focused Financial

Instead of leaving your money in an old 401k / Retirement Plan, roll your money into an IRA (Individual Retirement Account) 401k or employee retirement plan. If you need help, fill out this form, and I’ll be in touch.

Schedule 401k Rollover:

An IRA allows for unlimited investment options which means a good investment advisor should be able to improve on the return of a portfolio after fees vs investing using basic investment options.

Maximize Your Investments

You can invest the money in an IRA in the exact same investment options and not pay a management fee from the old 401k. Another option would be to hire an investment advisor to help roll that old 401k/retirement plan into an IRA and have them actively manage the money to grow it more than a basic index fund or mutual fund. Most 401k or retirement plans only have 15-25 investment options, which can make for a limited opportunity to grow your money.